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2016 Men Parajumpers UGO PJS Down Jacket

Posted by admin 25/10/2016 0 Comment(s)

Many people love to wear Parajumpers Down Jacket to keep warm in the winter, but not everyone is clearly know why warm down jacket, and the warmth of the usual winter wear cotton dress What is the difference? Parajumpers down jacket and cotton clothing are warm winter single product , Especially cotton, is a long winter people wear essential items, including some of the guardian of the arctic region before the cotton coat belongs to them, showing its influence. Parajumpers UGO down jacket, although very early in ancient China, there is, but not universal. It can be said, Parajumpers UGO down jacket is the rise of clothing in recent years.

Want to know why Parajumpers Down Jacket warm, you must first understand the nature of down jacket. Down, as the name suggests, is filled with stuffed down jacket, the fabric will use nylon or other fabrics can guarantee not to leak. In general, Parajumpers UGO down jacket is long in the goose, duck abdomen, into the aloe-shaped villi, into a sheet called the feathers. Down is an animal protein fiber, cotton (plant cellulose) high insulation, and down the ball-like fibers on the tens of millions of triangular small pores, with temperature changes and contraction expansion, resulting in thermostat function, can be The absorption of human heat flow distribution, isolated from the invasion of cold air, so as to achieve the function of warm warm.

What is the most warm down jacket? Modern down jacket and more choice of two kinds of down to cashmere and cashmere to fill, high-grade down jacket generally use more than 90% white goose down or more than 90% of the white duck down, the real warmth of more than 90% , Fluffy and high, Parajumpers UGO Men down jacket wearing light and comfortable. The actual cashmere rate of 90% of the down, the charge of cashmere about 230g ~ 320g (different sizes of the actual amount of goods charge down there are different), this content down jacket to adapt to the North minus 20 degrees to minus 30 Degrees around the environment. In fact, in many areas do not have so high levels of Men Parajumpers UGO down jacket to meet the different needs of the people warm, so ask what the warmest down jacket, or look at the climate conditions in your area now!