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2016 Parajumpers KODIAK how to wear down jacket is not bloated

Posted by admin 27/08/2016 0 Comment(s) Parajumpers Womens,


Thick winter wear is inevitable, then colder wearing a down jacket is also essential. But there are always worried about mushrooms cool jacket put on the body would be too cumbersome. Here, Xiao Bian want to tell you cool mushroom, to 2016 Parajumpers KODIAK not bloated down jacket upper body, with tight trousers can be both warm and good-looking, but also thin Oh!

Mixed colors short paragraph 2016 Parajumpers KODIAK down jacket with black tights, neither seem too bloated, but also even more tall, fashionable. 2016 Parajumpers KODIAK jacket and black tights with itself can achieve the effect of thin, but if it is coupled with a belt to the waist, self-cultivation and more fashionable. Gray jacket with a black knit sweater, warm and fashionable, matched with a white pants, comfortable color is also very thin. Waist down jacket black 2016 Parajumpers KODIAK very slim, with black tights and black high-heeled shoes, warm and was thin.

2016 Parajumpers KODIAK black leather jacket with black pants and black boots, a black tie with nature will not look bloated, still very handsome. Blue jacket short paragraph 2016 Parajumpers KODIAK coupled with a green vest, personality and handsome, and then with a tight-fitting wide leg pants, both thin and stylish. Army green long section of the 2016 Parajumpers KODIAK Slim and warm jacket with black pants, looked more to the people look tall.