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Buy New Fashion Parajumpers LONG BEAR Down Jacket

Posted by admin 29/09/2017 0 Comment(s) Parajumpers Womens,

These days is really the country began to cool, the weather forecast is exaggerated to show the minimum temperature of minus 20 degrees, this time to wear wear Qiuku has become a hot topic of discussion, but how there is also a good pants, at least it Can cover up, but the coat is more difficult to choose, and generally warm are more bloated, and the basic type will not be too warm, we then look at the men and women generally choose the parajumpers jacket type.


Parajumpers Sale short coat. This style jacket between the jacket and long coat, that is, to retain the jacket of the neat sense of the same shape with the coat, men wear more action on the more convenient, very suitable for office workers, the most suitable season for the early winter and late autumn The

Parajumpers windbreaker. Windbreaker is a must for men's wardrobe, it is a kind of weatherproof thin coat, chic unruly, can easily show the men's British temperament, but also in the age will not have too many restrictions, small fresh meat and uncle control The basic will not have any problems, but also in the season is also very broad, spring, autumn and winter are very suitable for three seasons. Be a very practical one single product.

Parajumpers LONG BEAR. This coat is generally in the material are more texture, cashmere and woolen is more common, so in the warm wind on the better, the appearance of a very stylish, no windbreaker then with the unruly, suitable for men's calm temperament. The appropriate season is winter.

Parajumpers down jacket. This is the most common in the north and autumn is the most common and most practical jacket, we all know that its warm performance is particularly good, but the drawback is that it will be very bloated to wear, and fashion people as "the most fashionable single product One "but in the winter under the fierce wind, down jacket really must be