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Cheap 2016 Parajumpers PORTLAND Men Sale

Posted by admin 19/10/2016 0 Comment(s)


Today, 2016 Parajumpers PORTLAND add a series of only 0.3 mm by the thickness of only high-quality, lightweight super-soft sheepskin (nappa leather) refined new product - Parajumpers PORTLAND leather, a Paragon in the United States Lai Parajumpers on a variety of technologies, Innovation and continuous research on the basis of the highly contemporary style of the exquisite costumes.


2016 Jacket Parajumpers PORTLAND leather series uses the most light, high-quality smooth super-soft sheepskin (nappa leather) and perforated printing super soft sheepskin (nappa leather) as the fabric will not appear in the sewing process damage phenomenon. The natural tanning process of the talc used in the final process gives the leather transparency and dynamic depth, as well as a velvety super soft texture.


2016 Parajumpers PORTLAND Men leather series for men's products to create a wealth of color choices, from the mysterious black to midnight blue, and then to the forest green and cognac white, a variety of men can set off the color of everything. Women's products are selected with a variety of subtle color cream, pale pink, light blue and coral and other pure romantic, elegant and elegant colors


 Men 2016 Parajumpers Sale leather launch of the brand highlights the concept of close to nature, which for the application of the down is no doubt beyond the scope of traditional fashion. Designed to follow and surpass all trend and contemporary personal style concepts, the versatility of the collection is a perfect combination of form and function for those who seek a combination of fashion and craftsmanship.