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Cheap Online 2016 Parajumpers PERFECT Men Down Jacket

Posted by admin 22/10/2016 0 Comment(s)

Winter series, itself using a high-grade gray line, coupled with the approximate silk-like coating, the whole Men Parajumpers PERFECT down jacket looks completely not bloated, with mink fur fur texture and the collision on the shape, simply perfect! Do not like Parajumpers PERFECT Down Jacket because it is too Peng, put on immediately become bulky, but now in the prevalence of Over Size, dressed swollen is not necessarily not fashionable. The key to how you look.



Pink, in the winter, is definitely a beautiful landscape. First of all Parajumpers PERFECT version of the type of part is the more down, about loose style. In addition, the gray leggings, and pink jacket, the combination is very interesting. And the two colors is the classic partner.Fresh fresh full of fluorescent green with a short version of the type, with a hooded design, so that their leisure style, not only deepened, but also took off. Another model with this single product. Is a black tight pants, clean and neat dot pattern of a single product, very cute, exudes a touch of classical temperament. And round the wave point, does make people feel very happy. Baseball clothing collar, is one of the highlights, is the amusement park features. For the lower body with, is white, pure and strong.


Once upon a time, mention the down jacket on the unconditional association of our Northeast, Huayao large, and now really put down their obsession, re-understanding of Down! I want to tell you that the 2016 Parajumpers has been reborn! First of all, from the color point of view, 2016 Parajumpers is no longer an advanced color killer, in addition to your well-known bright colors of the down jacket, down jacket this season also tried a sense of high-level champagne series. Because the outer fabric is generally used in down jacket Nisi Fang, and the use of the coating on the fabric and can show a different gloss.