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Find New Cheap Parajumpers juliet 6 down jacket

Posted by admin 20/05/2017 0 Comment(s) Parajumpers Womens,


After several times into the winter sprint, Guangzhou has finally entered a stable winter. Walking on the road to see a lot of people are out of Parajumpers down jacket, and is a bit exaggerated ~

I have been on Parajumpers down jacket no love, not forced to not wear it. But on two weeks to Beijing, did not wear down jacket, but also a direct cold cold ~ so, no matter how no love, we still can not do without it. In the next ten twenty degrees of place, to keep warm, in addition to fur outside, can only rely on Parajumpers down jacket. Enjoy the warm winter, do not do beautiful frozen people. ParaJumpers ladies down jacket, classic undefeated wild style, the atmosphere without losing the tone, revealing the mysterious and elegant, reflecting the beautiful and unparalleled beauty of fashionable style. Parajumpers juliet 6 with high-quality zipper, durable, with a certain high-density windbreaker, can withstand the smooth slip is smooth, to avoid cold invasion.


General pick Parajumpers juliet 6 down jacket when the main look at its cashmere and fluffy. The amount of cashmere is the weight of a down jacket, and the fluffy degree refers to the quality of the downs of the Parajumpers juliet 6 down jacket. The higher the general fluffy, the stronger the warmth, the higher the price. While the larger mature birds, the down fluffy degree is relatively high; the contrary, small birds feather fluffiness is relatively low. Therefore, the warmth of goose down are generally higher than the duck down.