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Find Women Parajumpers ALASKA Down Jacket Sale

Posted by admin 30/09/2017 0 Comment(s) Parajumpers Womens,

Did not expect this year we are all broth is not frozen, not only consciously put on Qiuku, also started a cashmere sweater. But the most warm but also undoubtedly the hottest fashion this winter (life insurance) single product - Parajumpers Sale down jacket! Before, I refused to feather dress, because it is easy to wear it bloated, who had thought that today's Parajumpers down jacket are fashionable like this! Full sense of shape, possession of meat and warm, fashionable to Parajumpers Outlet feathers keep warm the principle of locking the air and keeping the convection to a minimum. The feathers themselves are very small in thermal conductivity compared to other fabric fibers. But as we mentioned earlier, because of its high fluffy, the fiber gap stored more air than other fibers, while the air is hot bad conductor, which makes the whole down jacket compared to other clothing thermal conductivity worse, Warmer stronger.


It's not easy to wear a Parajumpers down jacket Womens. Because of the heavy feeling of down jacket, it is easy to look very burly, with the time need to spend a little thought. On the loose under the rules of gold with the winter dress is the right way to open. On the loose, can possession of meat; under the tight, significant legs fine. Parajumpers down jacket even thick bread, just a skinny or bottom socks, it will not seem bloated. Long short legs, long shorts casually choose; short on the election short section, it is relatively small in the body coverage area, can strengthen the lower body proportion, so it will not seem too bloated, short paragraph down jacket is less prone to error choice The Be sure to learn to make good use of the belt! It can emphasize the waist, so that the center of gravity on the move, highlight the waist. Even five or five body, but also to your waist to camouflage in place, easy to build the chest hidden under the legs are both visual sense. Wearing a hat can increase the height, so that the overall line of sight up; wearing a scarf can create a thin line sense, the visual elongation ratio. Lower trousers and shoes to the same color, pants and boots in the visual as one way. If you wear shoes with the boots, will appear longer legs. Parajumpers down jacket has been very thick, take the ride do not wear loose bulging style. With a piece of cashmere sweater can be close, both warm and thin. A little bit of choice is with beautiful slippery sweater, but also to achieve the effect of warm and not bloated.


Parajumpers ALASKA are Korean women star began to bring the fire, such as "successor" in the Park Shin Hye, running man Song Zhi Xiao, "think you" in the small show Yan actor Kim Hyun have Parajumpers through the down jacket, upper body super youth The