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How to Match Fashion 2016 Parajumpers ANGIE Jacket

Posted by admin 12/08/2016 0 Comment(s) Parajumpers Womens,


In the minds of fashionable people, 2016 Parajumpers ANGIE really stylish jacket insulator. The most scathing comments about wearing a down jacket Li Beika 2016 Parajumpers ANGIE heard like "Michelin" (the restaurant is not pro-tire), the most adorable evaluation estimated that like a ball, in short, is not a good word.

However, it is also one of the essential items you wardrobe. After all, snow days, more than antifreeze down jacket not many things more portable.

In recent days, not even the South began to snow, and presumably many mushrooms have been dispatched cool it down jacket, Li Beika on this issue is that it is not bloated down jacket how to wear, how to wear a little bit in the warmth at the same time taking into account the beauty.

1. tight narrow pants down jacket is the best match

Whether long or short paragraph, 2016 Parajumpers ANGIE Down Compared to other clothes more fluffy, so much choice in terms of pants, preferably cautious narrow trousers - plus velvet.

2. Try weakening sense of shoes

2016 Parajumpers ANGIE jacket is bloated only evasive, but I do not know why a lot of people are wearing a down jacket love with a variety of super-heavy shoes, the whole people seem more swollen. There is a sense too strong shoes, and fashion makes the already completely insulated jacket becomes a fashion disaster ↓↓↓

Take the clothes color and style as concise as possible within 3

This goes without saying. Northern winter indoor heating, since 2016 Parajumpers ANGIE wearing a down jacket, you can try to take the beauty. South, then also try to choose a simple style of the ride it ↓↓↓

Then, Li Beika then introduce a few down jacket with small objects in the upgrading BIG:

1. wool cap

This is the comeback of the popular, I believe everyone has. In the little talked about topic in that it also increased. Remember to bring time to loosely worn on the head, leaving at least 1/3 of the tip of the cap, only good. ↓↓↓

2. white sneakers

White sneakers how the fire, on stage for everyone to see Fashion Week Street beat diagram should have felt. It is estimated to have continued to fire while. And 2016 Parajumpers ANGIE down jacket with it is really no sense of violation and, fashion degree immediately improved. However, Li Beika not love white sneakers and sports shoes, my shoes, flat shoes are mostly smoke and the like. ↓↓↓

3. Attractive package

Sometimes, a beautiful bag, can enhance the body's texture. This is my body from Tristan found. I bought with her recommendation before the potential of stocks in the bag thematic packages and smuggler had piggy bag in Paris, after she put on the spot, or his clothes, or that person, but that seems to have the temperament of the people too much. ↓↓↓

4. Buy a white down jacket

I have always felt a white down jacket is the best looking color, especially on a snowy day to wear, is too easy ...... dirty! ↓↓↓

Having said that with a little skill, the most important prerequisite is: you have to have a nice down jacket (how it will ultimately be wound back to buy buy buy theme).