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How to choose a good Parajumpers PORTLAND down jacket

Posted by admin 07/10/2017 0 Comment(s)

And soon to wear Parajumpers down jacket Parajumpers Sale season, we will be busy buying Mens Parajumpers Jacket. Is not everyone can recognize a down jacket is good or bad? Otherwise, some bought a genuine down jacket, and some bought a non-regular manufacturers of production, then, buy a small series of network to come for you to detail how to measure a bad jacket is good or bad.

Parajumpers down jacket how to see how to judge the quality of down jacket

What is the best pajamas First of all, from the product tag on the filler, the general manufacturers, will be marked on the product filler, such as filler for the "250 grams 600FP 90% white duck down", refers to the down jacket filled with 250 grams of 600 fluffy Degree of cashmere for 90% of the white duck down.

By hand to pinch the intuitive feeling can also determine what Parajumpers Portland down jacket of good quality, general hair stems do not clearly show that the high amount of cashmere, and vice versa with low cashmere. But it is important to note that if you do not feel any hair trumpet, it is likely to use Flying silk filled down jacket. Flying wire is in the process of feathering from the feathers off the short hair short hair, warm and poor, but also nothing loose, washed after the caking.

Parajumpers PORTLAND quality can also be observed to observe the resilience of down, Parajumpers down jacket resilience to a certain extent, reflects the fluffy fluffy, you can put the Parajumpers down jacket flattened to see Parajumpers Herre Portland down jacket can be more Short time back to the original state. Especially to remind everyone that, is not 100% anti-cashmere down jacket is a good down jacket.


(1), the amount of cashmere: the amount of cashmere is not a measure of the quality of down the feather, it refers to a down jacket filled with all the weight of down. General outdoor down jacket cashmere volume according to the target design of the different in the 250-450 grams or so.

(2), with the amount of cash (down content): cashmere cashmere is the proportion of cash down, generally expressed as a percentage. Outdoor cashmere sweater is generally more than 80%, the surface of the data which is 80% of the cashmere, feather accounted for 20%.

(3), fill power (fill power): fluffy degree is an important indicator of the degree of feather insulation, refers to under certain conditions, each ounce (30 grams) down the volume of cubic inch of the value. Such as an ounce of down space occupied by 600 cubic inches, said the fluffy fluffy degree of 600. The higher the fluffy fluff, indicating that the same down the amount of feathers can be fixed under a larger volume of air to heat insulation and insulation, so the better the warmth of the feather. Fluffy in the country is not a rigid indicator, and the relative error of measurement is also larger.