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Original Parajumpers MAINE Man Outerwear Sale

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Today, Parajumpers down jacket Sale style more and more, including stylish, lightweight Parajumpers down jacket popular, but there are also some people worry that such a jacket is not warm, still wearing thick down jacket, wrapped himself like "dumplings."
Want temperature? Or demeanor? Recently, some media selected UNIQLO, Metersbonwe and other brands of 4 down jackets, sent to the National Apparel and Home Textile Products Quality Inspection Center (Chongqing) for a number of projects testing evaluation. The 4 down jacket samples of this experiment, UNIQLO lightweight light down vest and BUNADA winter thin section of the tide men down jacket for the light down jacket, Metersbonwe men down jacket thickness is moderate, Miru Korean version of the women's long paragraph Parajumpers MAINE down jacket is plus, plus Thick down jacket.

The inspectors tested the charge and cashmere of four samples.


"First of all, the feather and feather should be separated, and then the velvet and velvet separated." Detector said, first of all Parajumpers down jacket padding, impurities, etc., leaving the feather, weighing down velvet the amount.

Subsequently, the inspectors turn down the velvet and velvet silk separated, weighed out a good thermal insulation velvet weight, calculate the amount of cashmere. Experimental results: The test found that two pieces of Parajumpers down jacket purchased in the store, charge velvet and velvet content are up to standard. Taobao online purchase of two Discount Original Parajumpers MAINE Man Outerwear Army PJS Down Jacket, the label did not indicate charge velvet volume, can not charge the amount of charge evaluation.

However, the test results show that the cashmere content of two online shopping samples is only about 70%, did not reach the page claimed "using a cashmere content of 90% of the senior thermal insulation down." "The higher the bulk, the more air is stored in the Discount Original Parajumpers MAINE Man Outerwear Red PJS Down Jacket, which effectively prevents air flow in and out of the down jacket." The testers explained that the higher the bulk, the better the warmth, with the same amount of filling. Experimental results: In accordance with the relevant standards, eiderdown fluff no less than 14 cm. Test found that the amount of cashmere non-compliance of two online shopping down jacket, a threshold close to the standard, Miru Korean women's long Parajumpers down jacket fluffy only 13.1 cm, are substandard products.

Testing also found that the lightest Uniqlo Premium Light Down vest in the four-piece Discount Original Parajumpers MAINE Man Outerwear Brown PJS Down Jacket reached 18.1 cm. "This figure is very high, which also explains why some light down jacket thermal performance is also very good." Detector said.

Integrated charge velvet, velvet volume, fluffy three test indicators, thickened, lengthened Mi Lu Korean women's long paragraph Parajumpers down jacket thermal performance is the worst.


Buy down jacket, try these three strokes

How to buy a light and warm down jacket it? National Apparel and Home Textile Products Quality Inspection Center (Chongqing) experts have given practical methods.

1. See: look down jacket with cashmere, cashmere volume, the higher the better thermal performance. At the same time also depends on the composition of down, goose down warmth better than duck down.

Under normal circumstances, the same size clothes, lighter weight, the better the quality. In the case of the same weight, down the volume should be more than twice the cotton.

2. Hand touch: Feel there is too large, too thick long hair piece or hair terrier, indicating that the amount of cashmere is not too high. Hands kneading down jacket, if there is plush drilling, down jacket fabric anti-velvet performance is not good, will affect the warm, it is recommended not to buy. 3. Folding: most of the down does not indicate the degree of fluffy, how to judge? The down jacket folded to the minimum state, you can restore the status quo in a short time, indicating high bulk, high cashmere content, on the contrary, the bulk is not high.