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Parajumpers ANGIE Womens Down Jackets Sale 2018 Online

Posted by admin 05/01/2018 0 Comment(s) Parajumpers Womens,

Last year's resurrection paragraph Parajumpers down jacket, loose cocoon models moderate length is very simple and invincible atmosphere base wild, wide-necked high collar design has also been more fit the neck several times, the symmetrical invisible pocket serves both as a storage does not allow clothes Become a sense of design, loose and thick white duck down fill the fuselage staple Sihetun closure closed again cold weather can withstand. 100% polyester fiber fleece 90% white duck down, thick but not heavy.


Basic basic real collar fur collar collar Parajumpers down jacket Sale, to meet your requirements of the winter basic section, detachable shuttlecock cap, this big plush is able to show a small face, the front zipper and buttons, on both sides of the large Pocket can protect hands. Waist section wear color fine rubber band, the cardigan inner adjustable snap buckle, the waist can be freely adjusted loose. 100% polyester fiber fleece 90% white duck down, filled with high quality white duck down fluffy and elastic.

Short section of the Parajumpers ANGIE Womens undoubtedly in the down jacket is apparently tall, strong sense of inclusiveness of the body is not bound, really wear good performance, jing selected 80 white duck down, feel fluffy, warm and good.


Slim fit Discount Original Parajumpers ANGIE Woman Outerwear Asphalt PJS Down Jacket gives a sense of being held by the security, lantern sleeve gave it stylish power, the surface of the selected cotton feel memory fabric, anti-wrinkle antistatic, windproof effect is good, high-quality imitation fox fur collar And hooded, warm and set off a small V face, filled with up to 200g of white duck down, feel fluffy and soft, warm degree of great, specially designed drawstring waist, free to adjust the waist line, the bloated winter flu All run away!

It is said that this year will be very cold, this huge Discount Original Parajumpers ANGIE Woman Outerwear Sage PJS Down Jacket to be prepared! Fried chicken fluffy soft whole razor hair, detachable design easy to clean. Inside the stuffing are 90 white duck down, BB knows to know, fluffy degree of warmth are good, first-class down jackets are 90 white duck down. Filling velvet volume reached 280 grams, very very thick. Do not mention the length of the long section of warm and winter, this one is essential Oh!