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Who says down jacket is fashion insulator

Posted by admin 12/09/2017 0 Comment(s)

After several times into the winter sprint, Guangzhou has finally entered a stable winter. Walking on the road to see a lot of people are out of down jacket, and is a bit exaggerated ~

I have been on Parajumpers down jacket no love, not forced to not wear it. But on two weeks to Beijing, did not wear down jacket, but also a direct cold cold ~ so, no matter how no love, we still can not do without it. In the next ten twenty degrees of place, to keep out the cold, in addition to fur outside, can only rely on down jacket.

Say Parajumpers down jacket is a fashion insulator, want to have the temperature and keep the demeanor, there is no way? In fact, last year wrote a down jacket article (poke here can see to wake up your wardrobe || down jacket really can only be a fashion insulator?), Do not know if you have to help everyone? If you exhausted those methods or can not put the wardrobe in the down jacket wearing a sense of fashion. That, buy a new bar! Today recommended this down jacket, even if you live in a place can only wear down jacket winter, but also fashionable no pressure ~ tied the belt also can not add a bit. Road fashion week street shooting, Parajumpers down jacket frequency is not high. Most often see the stars to wear down jacket place, in addition to the background is the crew, the style is mostly long to the ankle of pure black, a look that is pure warm, and beauty nothing to do. However, there is a down jacket in the street shooting or TV series, have a high flop rate - Parker coat paragraph Parajumpers down jacket. You may not have to name it, but you must have seen it. The frequency of Parker coat in Korean drama is high. In the previous hit the Korean drama "Pinocchio", the male and female are like to wear

Have to admit, facing the ice and snow in the north, and only so bloated PARAJUMPERS CHARLES Men can resist. Otherwise we will not love it and hate it. In the "from the stars of your", thousands of praise as the professor to the time to wear, is also wearing a jacket jacket jacket.

We first science about the classic Parker coat. Parajumpers Pike coats originated in Eskimo, they are in order to resist the cold, made of animal fur hooded jacket. The edge of the hat that animal fur can also keep the face warm. Later, this wind and snow coat style was used by the US military, used to stationed soldiers in the Korean War antifreeze, and this snow hooded coat named "Parka". Feeling the US military fashion, for the fashion industry contributed a lot of classic single product (poke here to see another handsome single product). Later, Parker coat from the military into the folk, by a lot of fashion up to the people of the support, style and color more and more diverse. Olive Green is PARAJUMPERS CHARLES Parker coat the most classic color, and Parker coat length is moderate, both warm and will not affect the action.


The inner layer of the hair design to make this coat in addition to good-looking, the thermal coefficient has been guaranteed. Parker coat is not all filled with down, but many brands are out of Parker coat down jacket. Including the popular Korean brand, street shooting the highest rate of Canadian goose, etc., although some are not strictly in the sense of Parker coat, but are on its basis to do some changes in the details of temperament or all the way.

Compared to the other down jacket, Parajumpers Parker coat down jacket is more handsome. If you look at the last year of the push, you will find it in line with most of the principles of selection.

Seamless design, to avoid Michelin's visual sense. In the previous push, I mentioned the seamless design of the down jacket looks even more thin. Most of the down jackets will wear it bloated. Seamless design of the Parker jacket down jacket can be a perfect escape from these embarrassment.

Look at the contrast. Miss Emma on the right is not a lap. People who do not love the collar can buy a removable fur collar, it is more neat. Casually with a black pencil pants (poke here can see), looks very handsome. Material stiff some, will be more likely to type. In addition to seamless design, the material will be more rigid than the material soft down jacket is more thin, but also more type. With black leather pants and motorcycle boots, who said the down jacket is not fashionable? Last year posted this picture, now look or feel beautiful. If you buy Parajumpers Parker coat down jacket, be sure to buy wind and snowproof material, more stiff, and more cold. But to say that thin, or buy a solid color better. Many people recommend to buy short paragraph down jacket, that clothes a little short, bloated little less fashion a little more. But my view is the opposite, in the long section are the most easy to control, but also the most suitable for most people. The length of this space is also great. Short paragraph on the match and the requirements of the body is actually higher, especially the legs thick PP big sister, to carefully selected short section. Whether it is Michelin paragraph Parajumpers down jacket or Parker coat models, should be carefully considered short section. The more short, the more suitable for paper people. Long and ankle style, is the star in the studio to keep the cold. But because Parker coat fabric is relatively thick, so it is easy to "pressure" down. Habibi is better to control.